Jehona Abrashi

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

"As individuals we do see and feel differently - have you ever questioned yourself  if the person next to you looks at a picture exactly the same way you do? Trying to visualize how I see and what I feel - to tell a story through my pictures -  this is art to me."


Jehona Abrashi works as a professional photographer and has  followed her passion to travel the world and capture every moment through her lense. In 2015 she worked with the well known starphotographer Fadil Berisha in New York City and got  international experience. Her portfolio involves working with companies such as: Estée Lauder, Zweifel Chips, PepsiCo., MAC Cosmetics, Marionnaud, Rrrevolve, LUSH, etc.

Born 1991 in Luzern, the artist raised in different parts of Switzerland. Her roots are from Kosovo, Gjakova. Jehona means "Echo" in albanian, that's why she chose to call her business Echo Pictures. The photographer moved to Zurich to graduate in Culture- and Filmstudies at the University of Zurich and has now set up her own business in the city.

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